City of Tshwane vs Mathabatha:
Recent Fourie Judgment between COT & Mitchell


21 OCTOBER 2014

Perregine Joseph Mitchell v City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipal Authority Case No: 50816/14,
North Gauteng High Court, Pretoria (8 September 2014)

The various press releases regarding the City of Tshwane v Mathabatha matter and now the Fourie Judgment between COT and Mitchell is causing further problems and ambiguity. Not to mention that certain municipalities have still chosen to still ignore this Judgment.

It is clear that the Courts must make a direct ruling on all matters after same has been thoroughly canvassed in the various Courts.

NVCS’ Applications to Court covers all these aspects, including the un-constitutional behaviour of the Municipality.

Municipalities that are forcing various owners to pay the previous owners debts are creating a monster for themselves. Once the Court settles this unnecessary and manufactured version, the various Municipalities may be at risk, because an Order will be sought, that all incorrect payments that they received will have to be refunded with interest. By the time this matter is finalised the Municipalities may be at risk of paying back billions to various consumers, institutions etc.

NVCS and their legal team which consists of very experienced and competent advocates are adamant that the Municipalities contention/actions will fail. NVCS will keep the public updated as the matter proceeds. Concerned rate payers must contact New Ventures if Municipalities try and force their incorrect interpretations and contentions.