Our Consulting Practice has been Auditing & Effectively Reducing Clearance Figures / Municipal Debt with huge success since 2002. After we have created a saving and settled the debts, we ensure that the Municipality issues a Rates & Taxes Clearance Certificate, which is required by law when transferring a property. With no upfront costs to our clients, we have concluded in excess of 14,000 successful properties, saving Rates Payers & Property Owners staggering amounts of money.

We have been the pioneers in properly implementing the correct interpretation of Section 118 of the Municipal Systems Act after it was amended in 2001. Recently we have effectively created new Law by winning a landmark case in the Constitutional Court of SA. Full details under our Press Releases page. Recently re-branded as the Municipal Debt Specialist, MDS (New Ventures Consulting & Services) acts for most of the major banks, transferring attorneys, estate agents and property groups.

We perform a detailed audit of the Municipality’s claims. We work very closely with the Municipality in order to agree to the correct amounts and settle the debts. If need be we will institute legal action to protect our clients at our own cost. There is no up-front cost. We recover our fees out of the savings created.

Our expertise in this area resulted in us working closely with Municipalities in order to assist them with accurate billing and collection of debts. The above audit is concluded within the parameters of the Law, Municipal Policies and By-Laws, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court Judgments.

Our Services include:
  • The reduction and settlement of clearance figures in order to obtain a Clearance Certificate in term of Section 118(1) of the Municipal System Act for ALL TYPES OF TRANSFERS.
  • The reduction and settlement of the outstanding historical debt in terms of Section 118(2) & Section 89 of the Insolvency Act to ensure that the full outstanding debt is settled in the case of LIQUIDATIONS OR SEQUESTRATIONS.
  • The reduction and settlement of the OUTSTANDING HISTORICAL DEBT in terms of Section 118(3).
  • Lastly, we have incorporated a brand-new value add to our service offering: we have partnered with a bridging finance company and can also offer bridging finance on the amounts payable to the municipality. Furthermore, there may be no extra cost for the bridging finance as well, as the cost for bridging finance is usually recovered out of the savings that we create.